Anne-Kathrin Schäfer

(Bachelor's student)

I first came in contact with CIRC during my search for an Erasmus internship as part of my studies (B.Sc Landscape Ecology and Nature Conservation) in Greifswald (Germany). I'm particularly interested in botany and ecology. During my stay in Abisko in summer of 2017 I learned a lot about the local flora and its phenology. Though, during the summer of 2018, I aimed to learn more about special plant traits and adaptions to the local climate in the Arctic. One additional reason why I choose CIRC, was my wish to experience the life and work in such a considerably important scientific research station and be part of the current research in the Arctic. This summer I will also write my Bachelor's thesis as part of the Nuolja-Phenology Project, also called Fingerprints of change: Abisko Plants and Phenology. Within this project, we study the life cycles of different plant species in the birch forest, the shrub zone and the alpine tundra along the altitudinal transect on Mt. Nuolja, a study which was established one hundred years ago by Thore Fries.

Internship period 
Summer 2017 and 2018

Keith Larson

Institute for Botany and Landscape Ecology