Climate seminar for H.M. the King of Sweden, 14 February 2018

John Anderson holds the royal environmental professorship at Umeå University for 2017–2018. On Wednesday 14 February, he will together with four colleagues, hold open lectures with the Swedish King in the audience. The theme is climate effects on Northern ecosystems.

Date: 2018-02-14
Time: 10:20 AM - 12:00 PM
Location: KBC-huset, Carl Kempe salen
The event is for: students - anyone - employees                                                             

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John Anderson, holder of the H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf’s professorship in environmental sciences for 2017–2018.

Photo: Pierre Oesterle

Öppen Föreläsning Konungens Miljöprofessur - Climate Impacts on Northern Lakes

Hans Adolfsson, Vice-Chancellor, Umeå University

Ecological change in lakes: Seeing beyond the climate paradigm
John Anderson, Loughborough University, England,
Innehavare av H. M. Konung Carl XVI Gustafs professur i miljövetenskap
2017–18 vid Umeå universitet

Ecosystems dynamics in the Baltic Sea in a changing climate – Productivity, trophic interaction and bioaccumulation of pollutant
Agneta Andersson, Umeå University, EMG

The fate of freshwater fish in a warmer future
Göran Englund, Umeå University, EMG

Judith Sarneel, Umeå University, EMG

Predicting regime shifts in northern lakes
David Seekell, Umeå University, Wallenberg Academy Fellow

Moderator: Jan Karlsson, Director of Climate Impact Research Centre, CIRC