Welcoming our new postdoctoral researcher Niki Leblans

We welcome Niki Leblans, post doc working with Ellen Dorrepaal in Abisko.

Niki Leblans Profile Picture 900x1200 72dpi.jpg

I am an ecologist and biochemist with a strong interest in northern ecosystems and their responses to climate change. I have been working on geothermally warmed ecosystems in Iceland, unraveling long-term warming effects on the ecosystem C and N cycle and on plant physiology. Now, I will be participating in the winter ecology project in Abisko. We will investigate the role of winter processes in plant and microbial carbon transformations and plant physiology and activity. We will put a special focus on responses to snow cover changes (an important factor of climate change at high latitudes). We plan to measure CO2 and CH4 emissions throughout an entire year to estimate the contribution of winter emissions to the annual carbon balance (and thus climate feedback) of tundra ecosystems. By applying an isotope-labelling technique we will further partition the respired carbon emissions into autotrophic and heterotrophic sources.