Maja Sundqvist

Think - Alpine Ecosystems under the microscope

Studying nature in a slow-changing climate is time-consuming. But Maja Sundqvist speeds things up by using natural variations in altitude in different mountain regions to explore how a warmer climate will affect both alpine and arctic ecosystems. 

Sweden – a peephole into climate changes

Sweden – a peephole into climate changes

The Earth is getting warmer, we know that. In Sweden, there are unique opportunities for researchers to examine how this fact affects the climate in Sweden and in the rest of the world. Sweden is like a peephole into the future, the water temperature rises, the glaciers are melting, the permafrost thaws. 

Temperature change affects temperate mountain ecosystems globally

The warmer climate that is expected over the next 80 years could lead to major disruptions in ecosystems of high mountain landscapes, for example by altered balance between nitrogen and phosphorus in the soil. The results in a new study are presented by an international team of researchers led by SLU in Nature. Maja Sundqvist, active researcher in the Climate Impact Research Centre (CIRC), Umeå University, participated in the study.