CIRC call for projects and guest researcher visits 2017

CIRC call for projects and guest researcher visits 2017

The Climate Impacts Research Centre (CIRC, is situated at the Abisko Scientific Research Station (ANS) in subarctic northern Sweden. The main focus of the research is to get a better understanding of the structure and functioning of northern ecosystems, and especially how climate and environmental change will affect terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. CIRC has office space and laboratories (including climate chambers and analytical capacity) as well as established field sites across climate gradients for comparative and experimental work. We invite researchers to use the research platform.

Research projects

CIRC will support establishment of new research using the CIRC research platform in 2017. The research could be a significant development of an existing project or it could be a totally new project, including pilot studies that could serve as basis for grant applications. Applications could include costs for accommodation, equipment and analysis, and field and lab assistance.

Criteria for applying for support:

  • The main applicant should be employed or affiliated at EMG during the project period.
  • The proposed research should be for projects without full funding.

Applications (in English) should include:

  1. Research plan (max two A4 pages) including purpose and aims, time plan, budget, role of participating researchers, and existing (if any) funding for the project. Applications including costs for field and lab assistance should specify the needs (time period, %) to enable coordination among projects.
  2. CV (max one A4 page per applicant) providing information on current position of applicant(s) and current funding.

The maximum grant is normally 50kkr. Projects regarded to be of especially high strategic importance, and need of funding, can be awarded more resources if funding is available. We encourage applications including interdisciplinary collaborations within the KBC environment and collaborations with researchers outside EMG (national and international).

Guest researchers

CIRC will support guest researcher visits for 2-6 months during the period March 2017-March 2018. The main objective should be to develop research related to climate impacts on subarctic and arctic ecosystems, including e.g. writing a synthesis paper, organizing a workshop, developing new projects and writing grant applications. The guest researcher could spend time in both Abisko and in Umeå but we expect that at least half of the time should be spent in Abisko. CIRC will fund travel to Abisko (round trip, economy class, max 15ksek) and between Umeå - Abisko (max. 2 round trips), as well as accommodation in Abisko (1 room apartment) and Umeå (2 room apartment, if not booked by other CIRC members). If necessary, priority will be given to activities of strategic importance for CIRC, .e.g. development of new research initiatives or activities that could integrate across research disciplines.

Criteria for applying for support:

  • The main applicant should be employed or affiliated at EMG during the project period.
  • The guest researcher should be assistant prof., associate prof. or full prof.

Applications (in English) should include a:


  1. Plan for visiting researcher (max two A4 pages) including:
  2. Presentation of the nominee and her/his research
    a. Motivation of the visit
    b. Description of the planned activities during the visit
    c. Name of host and other participating researchers
    d. Time plan and budget
  3. current funding.CV of main applicant (max one A4 page) providing information on current position and
  4. CV of guest researcher including list of publications.

The application deadline is 1pm Wednesday, 15 February, 2017. Maximum one application per main applicant and project. Decision will be taken before the end of February. Applications are to be sent as one complete PDF file via e-mail to Jan Karlsson, Evaluation and ranking of applications will be made by the CIRC director and a panel of 2-3 senior researchers at EMG.