Laboratory Use

Below follows a presentation of the available laboratories at the Abisko Scientific Research Station. Please note that you always have to obtain permission from the research station or CIRC (see lab plans for details) to use any lab space or instrument. It is also necessary once permission has been obtained to sign-up for lab or instrument time. There is a sign-up sheet located outside of each lab and individual sign-up sheets located near each instrument. Each lab and instrument page lists the contact person.

Laboratory Safety

Safety is always your first priority when working in the lab or the field. The Abisko Scientific Research Station has developed a set of laboratory guidelines in collaboration with us and you must comply. In addition, Umeå University requires its researchers to conduct a “risk assessement”. All researchers are required to read through these documents before using laboratory facilities at the research station.

These guidelines contain information believed to be reliable regarding the safe use and handling of chemicals in our laboratories. It is intended to serve only as a beginning point for information and should not be construed as containing all the necessary compliance, safety, or warning information.

CIRC Laboratories

Ground FLoor

ANS Laboratory Map A-House Ground Floor.JPG
ANS Laboratory Map A-House Lower Floor.JPG