We maintain some common use field equipment. Much of it is located in our garage space and the equipment storage rooms located at the Abisko Scientific Research Station. There are check-out white boards located in each of the storage locations where you can "check-out" the equipment.

Important information:

  • Check the integrity and functioning of all equipment BEFORE you go in the field. CIRC staff do not provide this service.
  • Much of our equipment was purchased for teaching. This means that courses have priority over individual researchers, unless arrangements are made well in advance.
  • CIRC does not provide this equipment for personal use.
  • In general there are times that external researchers can be given access to some equipment with expressed permission from Keith Larson.
  • Return all equipment to its original location and report any repairs that need to be made as soon as possible.
  • It is your responsibility to make sure the damaged or lost equipment is repaired or replaced. Equipment does not last forever and we expect to need to replace and repair it periodically!

Contact Keith Larson if you have any questions. Note this list of equipment is not complete and is regularly updated!

Equipment Available