Erasmus Plus Student Internships in Abisko, Sweden

Are you interested in participating in exciting ecological and environmental scientific research? The Climate Impacts Research Centre is offering internships based at the Abisko Scientific Research Station, 200 km north of the Arctic Circle. Our research focuses on terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems and their interface at the edge of the Arctic. Our researchers work in the field with research ranging from biogeochemistry, microbial ecology, to plant and animal ecology.

In the spring you will encounter excellent skiing and snow shoeing. During the summer the midnight sun affords infinite time for hiking, fishing and exploring the natural landscape of the Swedish fell. Autumn is the time the darkness returns ushering in the spectacular autumn colours, blueberries, and the northern lights.

The work can be strenuous with long hikes and days carrying a backpack. But if you seek an adventure in one of the wildest parts of Europe, then this is the internship for you!

If you are interested in doing an internship with us in Abisko you must be qualified to participate through the Erasmus Plus program at your home university. The Abisko Scientific Research Station provides excellent communal living conditions with trails and lakes right outside your door.

We do not provide funding for transportation, housing or living expenses as these are covered by the Erasmus Plus program. We accept interns from April through October.

Contact: for details.

We will accept applications for 2020 starting in November 2019.