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Two Postdoctoral Fellowships in Arctic ecosystems ecology / plant-ecophysiology / microbial ecology

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Two Postdoctoral Fellowships (2 years each) in Arctic ecosystems ecology / plant-ecophysiology / microbial ecology are available in Abisko at the Climate Impacts Research Centre of the Department of Ecology and Environmental Science, Umeå University, north Sweden, to study the off-seasonal dynamics of plant and soil microbial processes in arctic ecosystems. Climate change in the Arctic is especially pronounced during autumn, winter and spring, including increases in temperature, changes in snow fall/cover and rain-on-snow events. Such off-seasonal changes in climate can affect the carbon balance of arctic ecosystems and the underlying plant and soil microbial processes but the extent remains unclear. We are looking for two postdoctoral fellows to to investigate how changes in the timing, frequency and extent of winter freezing conditions, as well as the timing of spring and autumn, affects the (off-)seasonal dynamics of plant and microbial processes in arctic ecosystems.

Deadline: 28 September 2018

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Klimatexperimentet film released (in Swedish)

Climate Impacts Research Centre scientists Ellen Dorrepaal and Keith Larson feature in a new film project about climate by Swedish artists Bigert & Bergström. The following description is in Swedish...


En film av och med konstnärsduon Bigert & Bergström. En konstnärsfilm om de brännande aktuella klimatförändringarna, mot en bakgrund av duons konstinstallationer där väder och vind på ett tidigt stadium fick ersätta färg och lera. Klimatexperimentet utspelas under det intensiva året 2017 där vi får följa Bigert & Bergströms olika projekt och aktiviteter i tolv månadskapitel. Forskningsresor, stora utställningsprojekt och invigningar av offentliga konstverk korsklipps med intervjuer där B&B möter journalister, miljöhistoriker och klimatforskare.

Watch on SVTPlay.se


Nature Microbiology (Blog): Mega-meta-analysis of many microbes...

Mega-meta-analysis of many microbes...

Searching for global patterns of soil bacteria

Kelly S. Ramirez, Christopher G. Knight, Mattias de Hollander, Francis Q. Brearley, Bede Constantinides, Anne Cotton, Si Creer, Thomas W. Crowther, John Davison, Manuel Delgado-Baquerizo, Ellen Dorrepaal, David R. Elliott, Graeme Fox, Robert I. Griffiths, Chris Hale, Kyle Hartman, Ashley Houlden, David L. Jones, Eveline J. Krab, Fernando T. Maestre, Krista L. McGuire, Sylvain Monteux, Caroline H. Orr, Wim H. van der Putten, Ian S. Roberts, David A. Robinson, Jennifer D. Rocca, Jennifer Rowntree, Klaus Schlaeppi, Matthew Shepherd, Brajesh K. Singh, Angela L. Straathof, Jennifer M. Bhatnagar, Cécile Thion, Marcel G. A. van der Heijden & Franciska T. de Vries


The paper in Nature Microbiology is here: http://go.nature.com/2AhASzB

"It is well known that we live in a microbial world – with microbes all over our bodies, in our homes, in the air we breath, and in the ground we walk on. In the soil, these bacteria, fungi and other eukaryotes help plants grow, cycle water and important nutrients, and keep our ecosystems functioning. Researchers all over the world are using high-throughput sequencing to study these important microbes, but keeping the corresponding data catalogued and organized is a challenge - especially if we are to use it to respond to questions of global change. In our recent study, we tackle this challenge by bringing together disparate soil bacterial datasets from over 1900 soil samples collected from 21 countries spread across the world."

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Journal of Ecology (The Blog): Winter is coming but is getting warmer!

Winter is coming but is getting warmer!


This new video podcast from Eveline Krab is dedicated to winter ecology and shows that climate warming is also happening in winter! In this video, Eveline highlights the main results of her paper recently accepted for publication in Journal of Ecology titled “Winter warming effects on tundra shrub performance are species-specific and dependent on spring conditions“.

Eveline’s video can also be found on the Journal of Ecology YouTube channel (English subtitles available).

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Sweden – a peephole into climate changes

Sweden – a peephole into climate changes

The Earth is getting warmer, we know that. In Sweden, there are unique opportunities for researchers to examine how this fact affects the climate in Sweden and in the rest of the world. Sweden is like a peephole into the future, the water temperature rises, the glaciers are melting, the permafrost thaws.