Arenas for building relations for co-operation through citizen science

The purpose of this project is to develop capacity building for citizen science (CS) and strengthen cooperation in research and education at Swedish universities. The end products will be a resource for citizen science projects communicated on web portal and will continuously enable learning and knowledge exchange between the universities and the general public.

The project is to be carried out in collaboration between Gothenburg University, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Umeå University and the nonprofit association Vetenskap & Allmänhet. The project has four goals:

1. Standardizations and data quality: A prerequisite for CS is data quality. Knowledge and experience must be shared over disciplinary boundaries to take advantage of the lessons learned. The project aims at developing standards to ensure data quality in CS.

2. Ethics: Today no ethical rules for CS exist, which also have consequences for research funder’s evaluation of applications. The project will create ethical guidelines for CS.

3. Technology Implementation: Web platforms and mobile technologies are important for CS. Several solutions exist, but no systematic evaluations. The project will create a knowledge overview and guidance for the use of technological solutions in a successful and sustainable manner.

4. Communication: Citizen science transcends traditional one-way information of research results. Scientists communicate directly with the public in the research process. The project will develop a toolbox for relations-based communication in CS.

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Dick Kasperowski, Gothenburg University
Christopher Kullenberg, Gothenburg University
Kjell Bolmgren, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Fredrik Brounéus, Vetenskap & Allmänhet