Organic Phosphorus Workshop 2020

Organic Phosphorus Workshop 2020 (OP2020)

From Land to Sea

An interdisciplinary workshop to synthesize recent advances in research on organic phosphorus across ecosystems; from land to sea and from the tropics to the Arctic.

Nuoja taken from the Abisko Scientific Research Station. Top: taken on 21 February 1925 by Carl G. Alm; Bottom: taken on 21 February 2017 by Oliver Wright

Join us in Björkliden, Northern Sweden in 2020


Dates: 7 - 11 September 2020
Venue: Björkliden, Sweden (68°24´25.06″ N, 18°40´32.16″ E)
Contact: Professor Reiner Giesler (
(Please, always use ”OP2020” as subject heading in any e-mail communication about the workshop)

Welcome to northern Sweden for Organic Phosphorus 2020

The workshop will examine advances in our understanding of organic phosphorus in the environment in the 17 years since the first meeting in Ascona, Switzerland, in 2003. By bringing together a small but multidisciplinary group of scientists with a common interest in organic phosphorus cycling, we hope to examine the topic to a depth not normally possible at a large conference. We will explore the fundamental mechanisms behind plant and microbial utilization of organic P, knowledge that will facilitate a better use of this globally important P source. We will cover a broad range of topics across all scales, from molecular chemistry to global cycling. We will explore recent advances in ecological, chemical, microbiological, and analytical aspects of organic P across ecosystems. We encourage involvement of scientists from both the terrestrial and aquatic fields. A specific topic for this workshop will be on climate impacts on organic P cycling.

Key topics will include:

  • Organic phosphorus cycling; from molecular levels to ecosystem and global scales

  • Organic P utilization and turnover; insights from molecular approaches and isotopes.

  • Organic phosphorus in aquatic environments; current development’s and knowledge

  • Interactive effects of organic phosphorus cycling and other elements

  • Organic P in managed ecosystems

  • Organic phosphorus in a changing climate

The tentative plan is to combine oral and poster presentations, workshop discussions, and thematic panel discussions/debates at the Hotel Fjället in Björkliden, approximately 10 km west of Abisko. The small village of Abisko hosts the Abisko Scientific Research Station with a research history that goes back over a century. The hotel is situated in the tundra and we will use the surrounding environment for field trips and discussion on how climate change will affect P across ecosystems. Björkliden is located in the most studied area for tundra research on the planet and offers a relaxed setting for detailed debate and discussion of key topics. The autumn is one of the most spectacular times of the year with autumn colors and fresh snow on the mountain peaks and the possibility to see the northern light. The output of the conference will be in the form of a special issue in a multidisciplinary journal. This will include workshop synthesis articles as well as original research papers, and we invite delegates to consider submitting manuscripts on any aspect of organic phosphorus in the environment.

Organising Committee

Reiner Giesler (Chair)
Climate Impacts research Centre
Dept. of Ecology and Environmental Science
Umeå University, Sweden

Anna Rosling
Dept. of Ecology and Genetics
Uppsala University, Sweden

Håkan Wallander
Dept. of Biology
Lund University, Sweden

Scientific Committee

Phil Haygarth, Lancaster University, United Kingdom
Friederike Lang, University of Freiburg, Germany
Leo Condron, Lincoln University, New Zealand
Tandra Fraser, Agriculture and Agri-Food, Canada
Alan Richardson, CSIRO Agriculture, Australia
Ben Turner, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Panama
Barbara Cade-Menun, Agriculture and Agri-Food, Canada
Martin Blackwell, Rothamsted Research, United Kingdom
Luisella Celi, Università degli Studi di Torino, Italy
Kari Dunfield, University of Guelph, Canada
Marie Spohn
, University of Bayreuth, Germany