Jasco UV/VIS Spectrophotometer V-650

Note: This instrument is owned by a researcher and not intended for general use. Please contact Reiner Giesler for further information.

The Jasco UV/VIS Spectrophotometer V-650 is combined with a Jasco Vacuum Sipper (NQF-720) and a Jasco Autosampler (ASU-605). 

Specifications (see manual for details):

Optical system: Single monochromator
UV/VIS region: 1200 lines/mm plane grating
Czerny-Turner mount
Double Beam type
Light source: Deuterium lamp: 190 to 350 nm, Halogen lamp: 330 to 900 nm
Light source exchange wavelength: Any wavelength between 330 and 350 nm can be selected.

Jasco Vacuum Sipper (NQF-720)

This sipper attaches to any V-600 spectrophotometer to speed the measurement of multiple samples. Insert the nozzle into a container filled with sample solution and press the nozzle lever. Process up to 450 samples per hour. 

Liquid contact parts: Teflon, Fluorine-coated rubber (Viton)
Path length: 10 mm
Flow cell:  Quartz 50uL volume
Sample size: 0.7 ml

Jasco Autosampler (ASU-605)

For use with any V-600 series spectrophotometer
X-Y-Z High capacity autosampler for tubes and microplates
Capacity Tubes: 100x 13mm or 15mm diam
                           150x 10mm or 12mm diam
Capacity microplates: 2x 96 microplates up to 1mL per position
Optional cooling: available