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Pär Byström
(Associate Professor)

Phone: +46 90 786 94 93
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Research Summary

In my research I focus on the size-dependent interactions between fish and their resources and its consequences for the population dynamics in lake ecosystems.

My research involves:

  • Laboratory studies on prey and temperature dependent foraging efficiency of different fish species in relation to temperature and resource types.
  • Experimental studies in ponds and enclosures on intra- and interspecific competitive interactions and effects of cannibalism and piscivory.
  • Field studies in different lake ecosystems including large scale manipulations where the results from laboratory and pond/enclosure experiments are used to predict and understand fish dynamics and fish community patterns in lake ecosystems.

Main studied ecosystems and tasks are:

  • Population dynamics of Arctic char. In this project, the mechanisms affecting population dynamics of allopatric Arctic char populations are studied. Field studies are carried out in the Abisko region, Kiruna.
  • Lake ecosystem effects of harvesting of top predators. In this project, the ecosystem effects of harvesting Northern pike are studied. Field studies are carried out in the vicinity of Lycksele.
  • Effects of climate change on top predators in lake ecosystems. In this project, the effects of climate change on winter conditions and resource production are studied in Eurasian perch and Arctic char systems. Field studies are carried out in the vicinity of Åmsele (perch) and in the Abisko region, Kiruna (char).

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