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Reiner Giesler

Phone: +46 90 786 77 69
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Research Summary

My research focus on biogeochemical processes in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems with special emphasis climate change effects in Arctic environments. In an on-going project, we integrate spatial and temporal variation in stream and soil biogeochemical processes to generate knowledge that can be used to better understand how aquatic ecosystems are linked to the terrestrial environment and their potential response to climate change. We focus on catchments with upland soils; these tundra soils are relatively well-drained and often subjected to physical motion induced by frost processes (cryoturbation) and permafrost. A special interest is the influence of weathering as a source of dissolved inorganic carbon in high-latitude streams. Part of my research is focused on phosphorus (P) dynamics across boreal and arctic landscape gradients with special focus on organic phosphorus. Specifically, I am interested on how P availability may change with the on-going climate induced changes in tundra landscapes.

Current Projects

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