Since 1996, our research in the Arctic and alpine
regions reaches across the globe.

Copyright 2012 Cristian Gudasz

Jan Karlsson
(Research Director, Professor)

My research focus on impacts of climate change on the biogeochemistry and ecology of high latitude aquatic ecosystems.

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Keith Larson
(Project Coordinator)

I manage the research infrastructure and research-based teaching platform. I also run our public outreach program. My research interests include how life history events, such as phenology, in Arctic and alpine plant and animal species are shaped by the environment. Further how climate change effects resilency of these ecosystems.

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Ellen Dorrepaal
(Associate Professor)

I am fascinated by their characteristic plant communities and by the plants’ abilities to survive harsh conditions through manipulation of their neighbours and their microenvironment.

Johan Olofsson
(Associate Professor)

My research interest deals with the effect of plant-herbivore interactions on plant community composition and processes in arctic and alpine ecosystems.


Maja Sundqvist
(Assistant Professor)

My research focuses on how abiotic and biotic interactions influence community and ecosystem responses to climate change in arctic and mountain ecosystems.


David Seekell
(Assistant Professor)

When environmental degradation causes an ecosystem to pass a tipping point, the damage is difficult or impossible to repair. This has adverse consequences for human well-being including desertification, toxic algae blooms, and fisheries collapses. I investigate tipping points in forest lakes.

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Jonatan Klaminder
(Associate Professor)

I’m an environmental scientist, researching issues with high societal values, rather than on traditional scientific disciplines. As a result I try to mix research tools from various research fields such as physical geography, paleolimnology, soil science and ecology.

Ryan Sponseller
(Associate Professor)

My research focuses on the controls over ecosystem structure and functioning in streams, rivers, and watersheds.


Carolina Olid
(Assistant Professor)

My primary research goals are directed towards evaluating human and climate impact on ecological and biogeochemical processes using radionuclides as tracers.

Cristian Gudasz
(Assistant Professor)

My research aims at creating a new framework for understanding, quantifying and predicting the regional-scale sediment carbon sink in high latitude lakes, and its sensitivity to climate change.

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Danny C. P. Lau
(Assistant Professor)

My research focuses on food webs, biodiversity and functioning of aquatic ecosystems, and their responses to anthropogenic stressors and climate change.

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Reiner Giesler

My research focus on biogeochemical processes in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems with special emphasis climate change effects in Arctic environments.

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Ann-Kristin Bergström
(Associate Professor)

Special focus within my research lies within studying the importance of organic matter (humic substances) and nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus) for lake ecosystem productivity and food web structure.

Pär Byström
(Associate Professor)

In my research I focus on the size-dependent interactions between fish and their resources and its consequences for the population dynamics in lake ecosystems. 


Jenny Ask
(Assistant Professor)

I mainly focus on the lower trophic levels in aquatic food webs, i.e. algae and bacteria, but also their relative contribution to higher trophic levels.