Allison Herreid

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Allison Herreid
(PhD Student)

Twitter: @aquatic_allison
University of New Hampshire

Research Summary

I recently defended my Masters' research under the supervision of Dr. William H. McDowell at the University of New Hampshire, and will be pursuing a PhD with Dr. McDowell beginning in the Fall of 2019. My thesis focused on investigating the controls on greenhouse gas concentrations in 20 streams across a land use gradient in southeastern New Hampshire, USA. Prior to pursuing my M.Sc., I received my B.A. from St. Olaf College (Minnesota) in Chemistry and Environmental Studies where I first became interested in aquatic biogeochemistry through an independent research project focusing on the impact of agricultural activities on greenhouse gas concentrations in streams. I am broadly interested in biogeochemical cycling in freshwater ecosystems and studying how climate and land use changes will affect these cycles and overall ecosystem function.


Assessing the influence of C and N availability on greenhouse gas production in streams using experimental manipulations

Dates: 15 June - 1 August