Carly Olson

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Carly Olson
(PhD Student)

University of Notre Dame

Research Summary

I am a third year PhD student at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, IN advised by Dr. Stuart Jones. Broadly, I am interested in the relationship between lake catchment characteristics and lake ecosystem structure and function, and how this relationship may further our understanding of the contribution of lake ecosystems to biogeochemical cycles. Specifically, my current research focuses on land use and hydrologic residence time as controls on nutrient input and processing, and how these two catchment properties interact to dictate coupled cycling of carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus. I am also part of an ongoing whole-lake manipulation investigating the response of lake food web productivity to increased terrestrial dissolved organic carbon.


My LOREX-enabled collaboration with Cristian Gudasz will explore the mechanisms involved in lake carbon burial in both temperate and arctic ecosystems. We will use a dynamic process model to understand the role of catchment land use and lake morphometry in mediating carbon burial rates. This will help further our process level understanding of the mechanisms responsible for lake carbon burial and can be used to inform predictions about how the sequestration of carbon by lake ecosystems may change in the future.

Dates: 18 May - 30 June