Chelsea Hintz

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Chelsea Hintz
(PhD Student)

Twitter: @HintzChelsea
University of Cincinnati

Research Summary

I am pursuing my PhD in Biology with Ishi Buffam at the University of Cincinnati. My dissertation research focuses on urban stream ecology and my current project is focusing on the impact that long culverts (or pipes) have on various aspects of the stream ecosystem including benthic algae, macroinvertebrates, and oxygen dynamics. Before pursuing my PhD, I received my B.S. from Ohio State University in 2012 and then worked as a Research Assistant at the Aquatic Ecology Lab at Ohio State University where I worked on projects related to fisheries research on inland lakes and reservoirs.


My LOREX project will examine diel nutrient patterns in streams across different arctic landscapes, and will evaluate patterns of nutrient limitation in benthic biofilms.

Dates: 15 June - 4 August