Doreen Huang

Doreen Huang, PhD
Post-doctoral Researcher


Research Summary

I am an environmental chemist with training in molecular biology, and I am highly interested in studies of Boreal ecosystems (e.g. North Sweden) in response to climate and environmental changes in the past by applying multidisciplinary approaches including paleolimnology, phytology, and paleontology.

Project Summary

Growth of plants on the Weichselian Ice-sheet in northern Sweden

Megafossils and sedimentary ancient DNA recovered in Andøya suggest that plant survived during the Weichselian glaciation in Scandinavia; however, the location and environmental constrains at such refugia remain debated. Therefore, this project aims to reconstruct the local vegetation of refugia developed on the Fennoscandian ice-sheet in norther Sweden around 12-13 kyr BP prior to deglaciation in this area. We counted pollen grains from the organic inclusions (dating back to 10-13 kyr BP) in the pre-Holocene glacial deposit beneath a lake in north Sweden, and more inclusions were collected and taken to an ancient DNA lab for DNA extractions and analyses. We will be able to distinguish the plant signal from long-distance transport and from refugia, and this research finding will help to resolve how and what plants colonised Sweden before deglaciation.


Jonatan Klaminder, Umeå University
Rolf Zale, Umeå University
Xiao-Ru Wang, Umeå University

Funding Organizations

Carl Tryggers Stiftelse Fund
Gunnar and Ruth Björkman’s Fund for botanical in Norrland

Doreen Huang's Publications