Garrett Rue

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Garrett Rue
(PhD Student)

University of Colorado - Boulder

Research Summary

I received my Ph.D and M.S. from the University of Colorado-Boulder and the Institute for Arctic and Alpine Research. My research focuses on watershed biogeochemistry, trophodynamics, and role of dissolved organic matter (DOM) as a sentinel of change across Arctic, alpine, and Antarctic environments. Through advanced DOM isolation methods as well as the employ of spectroscopy and high-resolution mass spectrometery, this work explores the connectivity between the terrestrial-aquatic interface as well as lentic and lotic ecosystems. This research also includes how seasonality and disturbance effects potentially influence organic carbon and nutrient cycling.


For the LOREX Program, I will be sampling lakes around Abisko Research Station to investigate whether DOM evolving under the strata of winter ice-cover persists into summer or possibly primes the shift in aquatic ecosystem structure and function during this transition period.

Dates: 15 June - 29 July