Isolde Puts

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Isolde Callisto Puts
(PhD student)

Twitter: @sol_on_ice
Umeå University Webpage

Research Summary

My research aims to better understand how primary production in lakes is affected by climate change. I am looking into both direct and indirect effects of climate change on pelagic and benthic algae production, and what implications changes in pelagic-benthic algae production have on energy- and nutrient transfer to higher consumers in lakes. To understand these processes, my approach is threefold: 1) comparing whole lake primary production along climate gradients 2) an experimental study in twenty mesocoms in Experimental Ecosystems Facility, Röback (EXEF), where temperature and DOC inputs are manipulated, and 3) a whole-lake manipulation where various climate-related factors are manipulated.

This project is part of the Wallenberg- funded collaboration "Climate change induced regime shifts in Northern lake ecosystems".


Isolde's Publications