Joelle Winnemöller

Joëlle Winnemöller

(Bachelor Student)

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I have always been fascinated with natural sciences and communication of those. In my studies of Science Communication and Bionics at Rhine-Waal University in Kleve, Germany, I have the unique opportunity to combine both the scientific as well as the communications field. During my internship here at CIRC, I am able to apply the knowledge which I gained throughout my studies.

Here at CIRC I am able to experience science communication in many different ways. In addition to applying my communications knowledge practically, for example in the design of social media campaigns, I also have the chance to go out with the researchers and experience how scientific field work is done.

Especially the significance of promoting scientific knowledge in the field of climate science is becoming increasingly important in current cultural situations where scientific knowledge and values become part of political and public debates.

Internship Period
March - August 2019

Keith Larson