Ryan Richardson

Ryan Richardson

(Master Student)

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Having recently graduated from my Master’s degree in Taxonomy & Biodiversity at Imperial College London and the Natural History Museum, I jumped at the opportunity to gain first-hand field- and research- experience working on Arctic bumblebee communities on Mt. Nuolja. My focus is on uncovering the dynamic relationships between bumblebee-plant community networks – a relationship vital to ecosystem functioning, and one that, in the face of climate change, may be extremely vulnerable. As part of a long-term ‘Bumblebee Phenology in the Arctic’ project I hope to add to our understanding of these important pollinators and to aid in the long-term conservation of their mutualistic relationship with plants.


Internship Period
May - July 2019

Nuolja - Fingerprints of change in Abisko

Richard Gill Keith Larson

Email: ryan.richardson1@outlook.com