Yrsa Landström

Yrsa Landström

(Master Student)

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My academic interests primarily involve climate issues, violence and radicalisation of extremists, which reflect my choice of education: a Bachelor's degree in Peace and Conflict Studies (Lund University) and soon a Master's degree in Terrorism and Political Violence (University of St Andrews). I came in touch with CIRC during my time as Communications and Politics Intern at the Embassy of Sweden in Canada, where I, among other things, co-managed a multilateral event on the Nordic Arctic. My interest in communications and photography came into being while I spend half a year living with farmers in the Nicaraguan suburbs, providing journalistic work for a Swedish association working with local partners in Latin America. Scientific communication, to provide each and everyone with the small as well as the bigger picture of the research on climate change is vital. My time at CIRC have primarily involved providing new insights to CIRC's communication platforms and to reach out and make accessible the impressive work being carried out here in Abisko.

Internship period 
Summer 2018

Keith Larson

Email: yrsa.axelsson@gmail.com