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Spending Easter in Abisko

You might wonder how does one spend their holidays in such a small village as Abisko? Does anyone even stay in the village instead of going on vacation or visiting their family?

For me, going home to visit my family during the Easter holidays wasn’t really an option considering that I basically just arrived here in Abisko and I wasn’t prepared for another 2,800km long trip plus sea-crossing.

Instead, I spent my time with other students staying at the research centre. With a group of seven students, we organised our own Easter celebration but we also went for an Easter lunch at the STF touristtation.

Saturday night

In preparation for our Easter breakfast the next morning, I went to Godisfabriken, the local store here in Abisko, to organise some chocolates. I was accompanied by two other students, Franziska and Ellouène. We’ve never seen as many people in the local store as this afternoon. One could almost describe the store as crowded.

After we arrived back at the research station, Franziska and I decided to bake a traditional Easter pastry, an “Easter braid” from our home country, Germany.

Easter breakfast, Photo by Franziska

Easter breakfast, Photo by Franziska

Sunday morning

Our Sunday morning at the research centre started off early with a nice breakfast. Every person got candy from the store and ate a piece of the “Easter braid”. Since we planned to go for lunch at the touriststation, we had to have an early breakfast. Then, at 11.20 we started the small walk over to the tourist station. There, we took our time to try every dish served at the buffet.

After lunch, our small group of students went for a hike from the touriststation down to the canyon, the lake, and back to the research centre. It was relatively warm (at least for Abisko standards) and the snow had started melting. During our hike we could experience nature in this seasonal change.

Colouring Easter Eggs, Photo by Joelle

Colouring Easter Eggs, Photo by Joelle

Sunday afternoon

We know that usually Easter eggs are coloured before the actual celebration. However, we decided to slightly alter this conventional sequence. After having had the Easter breakfast, Easter lunch, and after hiking, we started the next part of our celebration - the beautification of the eggs. Some students showed to be very outgoing in their design of the eggs by making multi-coloured eggs, others preferred a calmer design and settled with one colour for one egg. The result however is very presentable.

Coloured Eggs, Photo by Joelle

Coloured Eggs, Photo by Joelle

Sunday night

Sunday night was calm after our multi-stage Easter celebration. I used this time to call my family and exchange our experiences of the day. All in all, my Easter here in Abisko wasn’t too different from previous Easter celebrations I had back home.

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