A furry visitor

Moose alert at the research station.

Anne greeting the moose, Photo by Joëlle

Anne greeting the moose, Photo by Joëlle

Here at the research station, you get to meet a lot of different people from all over the world. Rarely a day goes by where you don’t run into someone busily bustling around the premises. Even on weekends, on your way to the lab you meet people.

In addition to the human crowd, there’s wildlife all around the station. Usually, the wildlife stays hidden in the vegetation at the station. However, every once in a while, some curious specimen leaves their lair and is spotted crossing walking paths and trails.

With the shrubs and bushes greening all around Abisko, even more four- and-more-legged visitors show themselves. This week, a special visitor came to stop by the station.

New message: “Moose alert over at B-house” (send 16:19)

16:19 and 7 seconds – Approximately 10 students and interns run uphill to enter the building, take the long road through our maze of a research station and quietly tiptoe into the B-house. There, a crowd has already assembled to watch the fascinating creature peacefully exploring the station.

Pictures were taken, names were given (to the moose), then the moose left our sight. We walked back downhill to the student housing (about 100 meters) just to run into our furry friend again. The young male moose found the best spot to take a break – surrounded by delicious, green shrubs and bushes. By now, almost all students and interns have left the housing, armed with cameras and phones to document every very step of the moose. Luckily, the weather was great, so no one minded a 30 minute live and on-site documentary on how moose forage. Even with students relaxing and chatting approximately 5 meters away from the moose, he wouldn’t let himself be disturbed while snacking.

With a full stomach, our young boy walked over to the student housing, looked through the window to check on everyone and say goodbye before he left for the day.

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