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About coming back, the Arctic spring, and …..

It’s not Anne’s first time here in Abisko. She’s been here the previous years working on the Nuolja - Fingerprints of change project as intern. In this post, she’ll describe her experiences coming back to beautiful Abisko.

Anne Schäfer on Nuolja, Photo by Ysra Landström

Anne Schäfer on Nuolja, Photo by Ysra Landström

Coming back

For 6 days now I am back in Abisko! It´s a great feeling, like coming home again. Nuolja, our project mountain, still looks the same, the plants are growing at the same spots and the smell when you enter the research station is warming my heart. After spending the last two summers up here I am looking forward to my third summer in the sub-Arctic. It will be different this year compared to the years before, with different people around the station, different weather conditions during the field days and different challenges in daily research life.

24 hours of daylight

Daily research life is quite unique. Plans are changing so quickly and you never know what will happen the next morning. Calmingly, there is one thing you can be sure about: There is always 24-hours daylight (at least for now and the next 7 weeks :-)). So, no struggles if the field days take a bit longer or you did not manage to hang up your laundry during the day. It is going to dry during nighttime anyway.

Arctic Spring

The presence of the midnight sun breathed life back into nature. The birds are singing, the ice on the lake is gone, the leaf buds on the birch trees and willow shrubs start to burst and the first flowers of Rhododendron lapponicum and Saxifraga oppositifolia already painted small purple dots in the brown alpine heath patches in between the remaining snow fields. People are happy if they can sit outside for fika in a t-shirt and drink their coffee. Sometimes you forget that you are in the sub-Arctic. But in the next moment the cold wind is blowing around the corner and you feel a little chill. I love the Arctic spring!

I am looking forward to spending the whole summer here at the Research Station with many fabulous people, exhausting field days on the mountain, beautiful views over lake Torneträsk and challenging tasks which will hopefully lead me further on my path through life :-)


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