Sven Norman

Monitoring and management of Arctic lakes in a changing climate

Jan Karlson monitoring Arctic lakes

Monitoring and management of Arctic lakes in a changing climate

Project Summary

There is a lack of scientific based monitoring and management strategies of Arctic lakes where climate change effects are expected to be especially pronounced. The purpose of this study is to improve knowledge and monitoring of climate impacts on Arctic lakes. Specific aims include to quantify and provide threshold variables for climate change induced regime shifts in fish resource use and production, and to develop tools and guidelines to be used in monitoring programs. By experimental and comparative studies across climate gradients we test predictions of rapid changes in fish production and resource use with climate change, and by developing new analytical and statistical tools we test predictions that changes in lake function following climate change could be rapidly detected using automatized and cost efficient methods suitable for use in monitoring. Based on the results we will develop methods and guidelines together with stakeholders for use in monitoring of Arctic lake ecosystems. The outcome of the project will be of fundamental importance for society as this will provide knowledge and tools for sustainable management of a unique and attractable resource sensitive to environmental perturbations. The project is financed by FORMAS and carried out in collaboration with the county boards in Northern Sweden.

Project Dates: 2016 to 2018

Funding Organization

FORMAS (2015-723)


Jan Karlsson, Umeå University
Jens Andersson, Jämtland County Administrative Board
Ann-Kirstin Bergström, Umeå University
Pär Byström, Umeå University
Sally MacIntyre, University of California Santa Barbara, USA
David Seekell, Umeå University