Milli-Q Millipore Water Purification System RiOs 5

Specifications (see manual for details):

for a constant production of Type 3 pure water
integrating complementary water purification techniques, including pretreatment and high-performance reverse osmosis (RO) membranes
temperature compensation ensures dependable, constant flow rates

System tank capacity: 100 L
Daily Product Water Usage: 100 L/Day
Feed Water Nature: Potable Tap Water
Biological Information
Ionic rejection by RO    95 - 99%
Organic rejection by RO    ≥ 99% for MW ≥ 200
Particulate rejection by RO    ≥ 99%

SSN (RiOs 5): F7JA15927B
SSN (Milli-Q): F7SA09397B
both installed 1 February 2018