Thermolyne Furnace 6000

Note: This instrument is owned by a researcher and not intended for general use. Please contact Ellen Dorrepaal for further information.

Specifications (see manual for details):

Designed for coal and coke analysis procedures.
Furnaces come with an adjustable gas flow meter/valve (0–80 L/min.) located on the front for easy adjustment of airflow rate. Stainless steel manifold at rear chamber pre-warms incoming gases providing maximum temperature gradient of only ±3°C at 750°C (1382°F). 
Enlarged top vent connects easily to exhaust systems for ventilation of contaminants. 
Heating elements are enveloped in a custom formed refractory cement, reducing the damage caused by contaminant build-up on the resistant wire. 
Heating elements can be replaced individually, cutting down on operational cost.