Mechatec LyoDry Compact Benchtop Freeze Dryer

Specifications (see manual for details):

  • This is the ice condenser section of a freeze drying system
  • suitable for freeze drying biological preparations in a lab
  • only requires the attachment of a suitable vacuum pump and drying accessory to form a complete freeze drying system
  • is also suitable for use on other vacuum duties, including evaporation and distillation processes
  • has a condenser chamber, a refrigeration system and a control system which includes temperature and pressure indication and user controls
  • the refrigerant used in the LyoDry Compact is CFC free
  • All of the LyoDry Compact components are all housed in a stainless steel cabinet which is designed for bench-top use
  • When used with suitable accessories, it can be used to freeze dry materials in bulk trays, round-bottomed flasks, vials or ampoules
  • Alternatively, it can be used as a low-temperature vapour trap (or cold trap) that may be attached to an existing evaporation facility