CRDS Analyzer

Picarro CRDS Analyzer (G2131-i) and Picarro Small Sample Isotope Module

Note: This instrument is owned by a researcher and not intended for general use. Please contact Ellen Dorrepaal for further information.

Specifications (see manual for details):

Precision, δ13C in CO2
(1-σ, 1 Hr window, 5 min)
< 0.1 ‰ guaranteed precision at > 380 ppm CO2,
< 0.25 ‰ typical precision at 200 ppm CO2,
< 0.05 ‰ typical precision at > 1000 ppm CO2

Picarro Small Sample Isotope Module

High-precision δ13C measurements of small volume CO2 and CH4 gas samples.
20ml of soil flux from a chamber, CO2 and CH4 at ambient concentrations
5ml of headspace from a water sample, 500ppm CH4
2ml of underground soil gas, 3% CO2
100μl of pure CO2