Booking Calendar (view only)

Booking Calendar (View Only)

Researchers must contact Keith.Larson [at] to get access to the booking calendar. You must have a Gmail account to get access. Researchers will only get access to relevant calendars (e.g. CIRC bus and/or apartments).

How to use the shared calendars

  1. Here is a list of the available calendars you can get permission to access
    1. Abisko A1 Apartment (for visiting scientists, not PhD students or Post-doctoral researchers)
    2. Abisko D2 Apartment (for visiting PhD students and Post-doctoral researchers)
    3. Abisko Village Apartment (available for long-term visits) - you must make arrangements with Keith Larson or Jan Karlsson to use this apartment
    4. dGPS (in Abisko) - this is a high precision GPS which is a shared resource with the Abisko Scientific Research Station.
    5. CIRC Bus (in Abisko)
    6. CIRC Meeting Room (in Abisko)
    7. Kiruna Airport Long-term Parking
    8. Umeå Apartment
  2. When you book a resource you must add your name to the Google Calendar booking. If using the CIRC bus, it is also useful to put your destination, so that others may contact your about sharing a ride. Examples:

    1. CIRC Bus: Nuolja (Keith), CIRC Bus: Miellejokka (Marie M.), CIRC Bus: Mattias (Katterjokk)

    2. Abisko Flat: Keith, Abisko Flat: Richard Gill (Keith)

    3. Abisko D2: Marie M., Abisko D2: Lluis

    4. Umeå Flat: Keith

  3. If you make a booking and do not need it, please delete your booking