CIRC Meeting Room, Abisko

CIRC Meeting Room

The CIRC meeting room at the Abisko Scientific Research Station has one large (3.5 meters) and one small (1 meter) whiteboards, a 65" flat-panel TV (appropriate for presentation sharing, Skype meetings, etc), ClickShare (CSE-200) wireless system, WiFi connectivity, and a conference table with eight chairs. Connecting to the flat-panel TV via HDMI cable or wirelessly via ClickShare. There is a Sennheiser USB Skype ready microsphone/speaker (includes both USB and 3.5 mm audio jack connectors).

Users need to book the room using the CIRC booking calendar. To get access to the calendar, please contact keith.larson [at] You must have a Google Account to access the shared booking calendars.

ClickShare allows Windows or Mac users to connect via wireless with a USB dongle (note the software for your computer is located on the dongle found using Windows Explorer or the Mac Finder). iOS and Android users can connect by downloading the ClickShare app from the app store.

Meeting Room Booking Calendar (view only)