Dominic Vachon


Dominic Vachon
(Postdoctoral fellow)

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Research Summary

My general research interests address the temporal and spatial scales of carbon transportation and transformation throughout the aquatic network. I am particularly interested in the role of lakes in the landscape in processing carbon - e.g. degrading terrestrial organic matter, emitting greenhouse gases, and storing carbon in their sediments – and the influence of lake connectivity with the adjacent terrestrial, benthic and atmospheric environments. I also investigate the role of the abiotic environment in modulating biogeochemical processes. Physical processes and the geomorphology of ecosystems often play a largely underestimated role in the biogeochemical cycles of the elements. Some aquatic systems are more vulnerable to natural and anthropogenic changes due to their geographic location or their geomorphology. To be able to predict more accurately the responses of aquatic ecosystem to such disturbances, we must combine multidisciplinary knowledge (physics and biogeochemistry) and remove ecosystems boundaries by connecting with terrestrial and atmospheric scientists.


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