Matthias B. Siewert


Matthias B. Siewert,
(Post-doctoral researcher)

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Research Summary

The core of my research is to gain a spatial understanding of Arctic carbon dynamics in plants and soils. In my postdoc, I use drones to investigate seasonal changes in tundra vegetation. In my PhD, I wrote about spatial patterns and mapping methods of soil organic carbon in permafrost environments. I also have a strong interest in periglacial geomorphology and landscape dynamics.

Project Summary

Herbivore driven plant cycles: Using drones to study Arctic plant communities and carbon dynamics

Arctic ecosystems are commonly investigated at plot scale in the field or using satellites. This creates a tremendous spatial mismatch. We want to bridge the information gained at both scales using drones. A particular interest in our research are scaling effects of the normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) used in remote sensing studies to monitor vegetation changes globally, and the effect of herbivores such as reindeer, voles and lemmings on Arctic ecosystems and carbon dynamics.


Johan Olofsson, Umeå University

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Carl Tryggers Stiftelse

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