Emma Brisdion

Emma Brisdion

(Master Student)

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Travelling to Sweden from the UK, I have an undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Exeter and am currently studying for a masters degree in Science Communication at the University of West England. During my time at CIRC, I’m excited to be experiencing the wild Arctic environment during the summer months, spending time understanding new flora and fauna, and being positioned at the front line of climate change research.

Understanding the interactions and balances of the natural world, our place within it and, indeed, our impact on it, has always been a fascination of mine. Sharing scientific knowledge, particularly that of climate change science, through creative outlets such as podcasts, videos and social media is an important task for the scientific community to undertake, and I’m looking forward to using and developing my communications skills to disseminate the learnings from the work that goes on at CIRC.

As a huge fan of the great outdoors, Sweden's wild beauty also excites the keen hiker and photographer in me – 24-hour daylight offers more than enough time for a summer of outdoor adventure!

Internship Period
May - July 2019

Keith Larson

Email: Emma2.Brisdion@live.uwe.ac.uk