Eveline Krab

Eveline (Eva) Krab, PhD

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Staff at the Department of Soil and Environment

Email: eveline.krab@slu.se

Research Summary

I am an ecologist who is not only interested in the effects of a changing environment on ecosystem processes, but also very much in the mechanisms behind it.  To get a better understanding of how the diverse impacts of climate change affect soil organisms and their activities, I focus on soil invertebrates, which are key players in many ecosystem processes but are often overlooked by scientists.

In my current postdoc work, I am involved in studying the effects of thawing permafrost and changes in frost-induced soil mixing on carbon dynamics. My research focuses mainly on the community composition and activity of springtails and soil mites, and their effects on carbon turnover. Furthermore, I am interested in how alterations in climate and vegetation dynamics affect soil invertebrates and their contribution to ecosystem processes.


Ellen Dorrepaal, Umeå University
Elisabeth Cooper, The Arctic University of Norway
Steve Coulson, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Hans Cornelissen, Vrije University, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Matty Berg, Vrije University, University of Groningen, The Netherlands
Maria Väisänen, Umeå University
Erik Lundin, Umeå University
Konstatin Gavasov, Umeå University
Sylvain Monteux, Umeå University

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